Nitrate and Nitrite in Water Test Kit



This kit will include everything you need to collect your water sample and then send it to our lab for nitrate and nitrite in water analysis.

Nitrate- MCL = 10mg/L
Serious poisonings in infants have occurred following ingestion of well water containing nitrate nitrogen at concentrations greater than 10 mg/L. This problem is known as methemoglobinemia and is generally confined to infants less than three months old. The presence of nitrates is usually due to animal wastes and fertilizers. Boiling water does not remove nitrates but instead concentrates them.

Nitrite – MCL = 1mg/L
Nitrite is the actual etiologic agent of methemoglobenemia. It results from oxidation of ammonia or reduction of nitrates, and may occur in natural water or water distribution systems.

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