Lead in Water Test Kit (Pb)



The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that somewhere between 10% and 20% of our exposure to lead comes from our water. That lead will then “bio-accumulate” in the body, which means it stays and builds up over time, so ongoing exposure, even at extremely low levels, can become a serious health concern.
While lead can come from your groundwater itself (from your well) or from city-supplied water, it is also possible to come from plumbing materials that contain lead, which can include faucets, pipes, pumps, tanks, fittings and solder along with everything else in between. Until 1986 the plumbing in new homes was likely to contain potentially high lead content pipes, but even through the early 2000’s the limit for lead in so-called “lead free” pipes was still up to 8%.
Testing for lead is a relatively quick and easy thing to do that helps to make sure that the water you and your family drink is safe. Our home collection kit allows you to collect a sample at home and then send it to our lab for analysis down to the single-digit parts-per-billion. If you want to know more metals than just lead, we also have a metals panel with more options available here.