FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get my water test results?

Specialty Testing is proud to offer one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.  Our standard water tests are completed within 3 business days of our receipt or collection of the water sample.  If you need results more quickly, please ask your Specialty Testing lab representative what options are available based on the tests you are ordering.

For specific timing on any test, you can use our contact page to request more information; please include your location and any special needs in your message.

Do you offer well water tests for my underwriter / mortgage / home-loan?

Yes, Specialty Testing is a licensed and approved provider of well water tests for any real estate water testing need for underwriting or for the buyer’s peace-of-mind.

We offer collection services with our trained technicians, and then run the home’s water samples in our lab.  We then send you the results (By email, fax, or snail-mail), and at the customer’s direction we will send certified report copies to up to 3 other entities at no additional charge.